About Us

PARK KENT Mobilyaları A.S., which was established to bring a new breath to the Urban Equipment Elements and Children's Playgrounds sector. It has become the leading and pioneering company in the sector in a short time without compromising on quality, original design and after-sales services. With its expert and experienced staff in PARK KENT Furniture, themed playgrounds, interactive game units, metal - plastic playgroups, wood - plastic playgroups, outdoor sports equipment, ball pools, game elements (swing, seesaw, bounce and rotary playgroups. ), gazebos and pergolas, benches, picnic tables, waste bins, recycling units, sports equipment, rubber floor coverings, wood plastic composite products, etc. The product groups designed by the Design and R&D unit in coordination with the needs and developing technology are used in production and sales stages using computer-aided three-dimensional modeling and animation technologies. At every stage of production, quality control application is carried out with the help of rich machine park, equipment and trained technical staff, and the error and relative rate can be minimized with the help of CNC-controlled machines. PARK KENT Furniture, whose central production and management units are located in Ankara Sincan ASO 1st Organized Industrial Zone; to its customers with Marmara Regional Directorate in Istanbul; provides sales, assembly and after-sales services.


International marketing activities of PARK KENT Furniture are carried out through the foreign trade unit in Ankara, and there are authorized distributors in more than twenty countries that promote and market the products. As PARK KENT FURNITURE family, we work day and night to make you and your children, whom you value the most in life, have joyful moments. We are aware of how important and responsible our work is. We carefully carry this awareness from the design stage to the production stage. We are aware of the importance of even the smallest mistake to be made, and it is our main duty to convey this awareness to you. We are determined to make our cities, parks, gardens, in short, everywhere you look beautiful and make your life easier. Come and be a partner in these efforts. Give us power with your choices by choosing quality and trust.