Order and Delivery Conditions

All orders become valid with the approval of the order form prepared by Park Kent Furniture.
According to the payment method written on the order contract, the order is put into production or shipped after the customer submits the cash or money order or payment document to Park Kent Mobilyaları A. Otherwise, shipment cannot be made
The customer has to specify the product requests (color, size, mounting floor, etc.) written on the order form. Otherwise, Park Kent Furniture cannot be held responsible for the problems that may arise later in the product.
The assembly of children's playgrounds, fitness center, bus stops, gazebo and pergola units is carried out by Park Kent Mobilyaları staff. Warranty is given for 2 years against problems arising from manufacturing and assembly errors of these products. However, the products that are not assembled by Park Kent Mobilyaları at the request of the customer cannot be guaranteed against the problems caused by assembly errors.
Benches, garbage baskets, picnic tables, cast iron fountains and classic garden furniture groups are assembled by the customer.
Despite the fact that the area is ready on the date of shipment, when the assembly team goes to the assembly area, the products are delivered to the customer when the mounting floor is not ready. The entire responsibility for protecting and preserving the products belongs to the customer. If it is guaranteed that the assembly area will be prepared within 24 hours, the team will pay for all accommodation, food, etc. for 1 day. It can wait on the condition that the costs are covered by the customer. If it turns out that the area cannot be prepared within 24 hours, the team leaves the area. On the next assembly date, assembly is carried out with an assembly invoice equal to 5% of the cost of the goods, provided that all accommodation, travel and food expenses of the team belong to the customer.
Sand, water, cement, electricity source etc. required for installation. all needs are provided by the customer. Park Kent Furniture informs the customer about the materials that may be required before the assembly, in writing or verbally.
All responsibility regarding the mounting floor belongs to the customer. In cases where the ground is not suitable, installation cannot be made and article 6 is valid. Park Kent Mobilyaları informs the customer about the suitability of the floor before the installation, verbally or in writing.
In long-term installations, the customer has to give the assembly team of Park Kent Furniture a place and work environment that will remain at a humane level and in compliance.
All kinds of passport, visa, tax communication, accommodation, food, transportation, transportation etc. costs are borne by the customer. Depending on security, weather conditions and social conditions, Park Kent Furniture has the right not to send an assembly team in some cases.
Product prices do not include shipping costs.
Park Kent Mobilyaları reserves the right to make changes on a product in its website or catalogs or to remove the product from manufacturing without prior notice.
After the installation, a customer satisfaction questionnaire form is given to the customer by the assembly chief. All problems written by the customer in the form are evaluated by our customer relations center as soon as possible and the customer is informed.
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. In addition, spare parts warranty is given for 5 years in return for the price.
Cracks of max 5mm width and various lengths may occur on the surface depending on the seasonal conditions on wooden parts. These cracks are technical events related to the natural adaptation of wood and adaptation to environmental climatic conditions. Cracks of this size are considered normal. However, if the crack width exceeds 5 mm and this situation lasts more than 4 months, this part is replaced. Again, in the products with wooden components, loosening or tightening occurs in the connection bolts and screws in the movements caused by the differences in summer and winter, season and humidity. The customer should maintain the product with the maintenance kit delivered to the customer by Park Kent Mobilyaları and the tools in the instructions in order to prevent the product from being deformed during these movements.
All products are produced for the use of the appropriate age group. The customer is obliged to ensure the proper use of the product.
In cases where the area measurements are given incorrectly by the customer, Park Kent Mobilyaları cannot be held responsible for the problems arising from this during the assembly phase.
If the billing address and shipping address of the customer are separate, they must clearly inform Park Kent Furniture of the assembly address and the name and telephone information of the authorized person.
Park Kent Mobilyaları cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur after the delivery report is approved by the customer or customer representative after installation.
In cases where the assembly site is abroad, the client must provide an interpreter for the assembly team to work.
The anchorage concretes should be waited for a minimum of 3 days in winter and 2 days in summer. During this period, the field should not be used. This responsibility belongs to the customer.
Park Kent Furniture will make all products suitable for packaging.
Park Urban Furniture assembly staff will work in suitable working clothes. It will comply with the working and ethical rules of the assembly area.
Park Kent Furniture assembly staff will declare their SSK cards to the customer upon request.
Ankara courts are authorized in all disputes.